How to Glaze Your Walls: the Cure for Imperfect Plaster

glazing walls

If your plaster walls are in sorry shape and in need of fixing, don’t fear! An easy DIY fix that camouflages cracks and imperfections is to glaze them. Although you can glaze drywall, glazing loves plaster’s many imperfections, yielding a more interesting finish! There are a variety of techniques you can try, but the easiest is ragging. If you can wash a wall, you can glaze one.

How to Glaze Your Walls

To glaze: paint your base coat on walls with a roller. For the glaze, choose a color either lighter or darker than the base coat. It’s easiest if you stay in the same color palette as the base coat. Next, apply the glaze with a damp rag as if you were washing the wall. You can do one glaze coat or layer another over it.  Glazes are forgiving: if you have too much or too little, wipe away or reapply more.

Some glazes, such as those sold at Sherwin-Williams, are a two step-process where you mix paint with the glaze. Benjamin Moore has some metallic glazes that are already mixed although you can thin them if desired. They also have clear glazes you can mix to match your paint color.

Here’s some useful resources:

Sherwin-Williams has some complicated techniques, but if you want to keep it simple, all you need is a glaze and rags.


Benjamin Moore

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