How to Design Your Bookcase

bookcase decorating

A bookcase in your home decor is more than a place to display books. It can add warmth to bare walls, house your collections or serve as a room divider in open spaces. But what if you don’t have enough books to fill it, or want to make more of a design statement with your bookcases?

Think of a Bookcase as a Display for Objects and Collections

While nothing but books in a bookcase can add a lot of warmth and classic style to a room, you can mix it up to make it more interesting. If you don’t have enough books to fill the shelves, stagger them in groups throughout, adding things you collect between the books. This can be everything from china to art objects to an entire collection. Vary the heights of smaller items by placing a few books horizontally beneath them.

The Bookcase as Camouflage

The bookcase above houses audio equipment and speakers hidden between the books. Use baskets to hold CDs or DVDs or ugly paperbacks.

Pack in the Pictures

Framed art and photos are a great addition to a bookcase. Push the books slightly back and perch a frame in front of them or hang them from the bookcase shelves and crossbars if it has that.

Light it Up

Add small lights to the bookcase between your books and objects. When you turn them on at night, it adds dimension and illuminates your collection. If the bookcase has a solid back, consider adding mirrors to reflect light and lighten up a dark space.

Be sure and visit our bookcase decorating Pinterest board for inspiration!

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