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The Lowdown on Low & No VOC Interior Paint

Low VOC interior wall paint claims to have low or even zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs). If you’re concerned about the environment and being “green” or healthy or paint that doesn’t smell for days after application, should you fork over the extra dollars for these paints?
choosing low or no voc paintDespite the claims, there are no paints without any VOCs, according to tests done by Consumer Reports. Continue Reading →

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How to Make Your Shower Curtain Look Better

diy shower curtain

Hanging a colorful shower curtain can enliven any bathroom decor and hide a less-than-perfect bathtub. But to make it look more sumptuous, make it twice the width of the tub. If you’re sewing it, this is easy. If you’re using store-bought curtains, buy two and either sew them together at the center or use stitch witchery if you don’t sew. A single curtain isn’t really wide enough and looks cheap, and wanting for more fabric! The curtain should look like a curtain with soft folds and looks more pleasing than a single one. You’ll only need one liner, since that will span the tub width and keep water off the floor and will be hidden behind the curtains.

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How to Buy the Right Size Curtains Panels for Your Windows

how to buy curtains panels for the right window size

When you’re buying or sewing curtain panels, how do you know how wide they should be to look right on your windows? It’s simple, the curtains’ width should be three times as wide as the window’s width. So if your window measures 30 inches across, you will need two panels of 45 inches each, to make 90 inches total.

What if you can’t find the right size curtains?

Always go wider than three times the width if you can’t find the exact size. When closed, the pleats or folds will look better with more fabric, rather than stretched across without enough fabric. You can always buy four panels and sew two together if you can’t find any curtains wide enough. If you don’t plan to close the panels, you can go with narrower widths.

Quick tip: to make your walls look taller, hang the curtains along the ceiling line, rather than at the top of the window.

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Considering LED Lighting as a Design Element

IKEA announced that starting in 2016, it will no longer sell compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs) and is moving to light-emitting diodes (LEDs). CFLs are problematic, often burning out if used in a room where the light goes on and off for short periods of time, like a bathroom. Disposing of them is difficult because of their mercury content.

lighting a room

Choosing the right lightbulb can make a big difference in how your rooms look. A softer, darker look with less glare comes from using a lower lumen bulb, as in the left photo.

Should you, too, make the move to LEDs in your home lighting?

While LEDs have an impressive lifespan of 20-plus years, in the long run they’re cost-effective but are expensive. But like CFLs, over time, their price will come down. But how do LEDs look? The good news is that over the years they’ve been improved and now deliver the warm light synonymous with incandescent bulbs. There’s also a lot of variety, so here’s help when choosing: Continue Reading →

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