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Decorating with Pantone’s 2016 Colors (Serenity + Rose Quartz)

pantone serenity and rose quartzWith the start of March, we’ve had two months to decide whether we like Pantone’s choice of two colors for 2016. Serenity is a soft powder blue, and Rose Quartz is an equally soft salmony pink. There’s been a lot of “no ways” around the Internet on these two. If paired together in home decor, they tend to look like a baby’s room. They also seem to look great (and soon to be overdone) with weddings.

How best to use them? If together, in small doses to complement each other. If you’re using mostly blue, then use pink in a small shot of color in a pillow or vice versa. I think they work best separately, with neutrals much darker or lighter to set them off and lessen the over-sweet look they can take on. Try stark whites, dark grays, charcoal, and black. You’ll see a lot of examples of that on my Pinterest board.

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Using Panyl® Vinyl Sheets to Jazz Up Your IKEA furniture or Just About Anything Else

IKEA Brimnes Panyl DIY

Panyl® is a great heavy, durable vinyl DIY furniture covering. It’s easy to peel from its backing, stick down and smooth out the adhesive-backed sheets onto IKEA furniture. Or buy it by the foot for use on just about anything with a smooth surface, from furniture to appliances to walls. I used it first on my dishwasher and then applied it to a Brimnes IKEA dresser I put in my kitchen. It comes in many colors and metallic finishes like pewter and wood grains. For many IKEA pieces, it has cut-to-size parts, for pieces such as a Malm bed or Expedit/Kallax bookcases. Continue Reading →

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Using Negative (or White) Space in Home Decor Design

white space in home design

These small photos hung above a staircase will garner more notice because they’re surrounded by a lot of wall space.

In college while studying graphic design, one of the first things I learned was how to use the negative parts of a page (also referred to as white space) to draw attention to the content, be it photos or text. This is the “air” around the elements on a page. The same principle can be used when designing your home. Continue Reading →

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How to Design Your Bookcase

bookcase decorating

A bookcase in your home decor is more than a place to display books. It can add warmth to bare walls, house your collections or serve as a room divider in open spaces. But what if you don’t have enough books to fill it, or want to make more of a design statement with your bookcases?

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Using Clothing as Artful Home Decor

clothes as home decort artUsing clothes as art in home decor adds instant personality to a room. Take that favorite outfit that is hidden out of sight in your closet and turn it into art! It’s easy and inexpensive. In the photo here, I took a vintage formal dress of my Mother’s and hung it from a mirror. I topped it with a two framed photos where she’s wearing the dress.

You can get creative in what you use as a hanger, bit it a painted hanger or branch. See our Pinterest board for other examples of clothes as art. It works well in bedrooms and children’s rooms.

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