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Using Panyl® Vinyl Sheets to Jazz Up Your IKEA furniture or Just About Anything Else

IKEA Brimnes Panyl DIY

Panyl® is a great heavy, durable vinyl DIY furniture covering. It’s easy to peel from its backing, stick down and smooth out the adhesive-backed sheets onto IKEA furniture. Or buy it by the foot for use on just about anything with a smooth surface, from furniture to appliances to walls. I used it first on my dishwasher and then applied it to a Brimnes IKEA dresser I put in my kitchen. It comes in many colors and metallic finishes like pewter and wood grains. For many IKEA pieces, it has cut-to-size parts, for pieces such as a Malm bed or Expedit/Kallax bookcases. Continue Reading →

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How to Design Your Bookcase

bookcase decorating

A bookcase in your home decor is more than a place to display books. It can add warmth to bare walls, house your collections or serve as a room divider in open spaces. But what if you don’t have enough books to fill it, or want to make more of a design statement with your bookcases?

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Adding a New Fabric Seat to an Antique Chair

replacing chair fabric

Replacing a chair’s fabric seat is quick and easy!

I recently was given two of my Great-grandmother’s antique side chairs by my cousin. While the wood in the chairs had gained a nice patina in their 100+ years, the fabric—which was not original—was falling apart and in need of replacement. While refinishing the wood of an antique piece of furniture would greatly decrease its value (don’t ever do it), replacing fabric does not impact value.

How to Go About Replacing a Chair’s Fabric is Easy

I picked a rich, classic geometric pattern that would complement the wood. One thing to keep in mind when choosing fabric for chairs is weight and thickness. Heavier fabric will wear well and any variations in the stuffing beneath it won’t show. Also think about the size of the pattern: a large pattern on a small area such as a seat will be cut off. Keep it small in scale so most of the pattern will be seen. Also lay out the pattern for each seat so they are all the same. Here’s how I went about replacing the seat fabric: Continue Reading →

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How to Buy the Right Size Curtains Panels for Your Windows

how to buy curtains panels for the right window size

When you’re buying or sewing curtain panels, how do you know how wide they should be to look right on your windows? It’s simple, the curtains’ width should be three times as wide as the window’s width. So if your window measures 30 inches across, you will need two panels of 45 inches each, to make 90 inches total.

What if you can’t find the right size curtains?

Always go wider than three times the width if you can’t find the exact size. When closed, the pleats or folds will look better with more fabric, rather than stretched across without enough fabric. You can always buy four panels and sew two together if you can’t find any curtains wide enough. If you don’t plan to close the panels, you can go with narrower widths.

Quick tip: to make your walls look taller, hang the curtains along the ceiling line, rather than at the top of the window.

Please leave a comment below and be sure to visit our Pinterest board for window treatment inspiration!

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How to Glaze Your Walls: the Cure for Imperfect Plaster

glazing walls

If your plaster walls are in sorry shape and in need of fixing, don’t fear! An easy DIY fix that camouflages cracks and imperfections is to glaze them. Although you can glaze drywall, glazing loves plaster’s many imperfections, yielding a more interesting finish! There are a variety of techniques you can try, but the easiest is ragging. If you can wash a wall, you can glaze one.

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