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Decorating with Pantone’s 2016 Colors (Serenity + Rose Quartz)

pantone serenity and rose quartzWith the start of March, we’ve had two months to decide whether we like Pantone’s choice of two colors for 2016. Serenity is a soft powder blue, and Rose Quartz is an equally soft salmony pink. There’s been a lot of “no ways” around the Internet on these two. If paired together in home decor, they tend to look like a baby’s room. They also seem to look great (and soon to be overdone) with weddings.

How best to use them? If together, in small doses to complement each other. If you’re using mostly blue, then use pink in a small shot of color in a pillow or vice versa. I think they work best separately, with neutrals much darker or lighter to set them off and lessen the over-sweet look they can take on. Try stark whites, dark grays, charcoal, and black. You’ll see a lot of examples of that on my Pinterest board.

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The Halfway Solution : Adding Color to a Room by Painting Part of a Wall

painting half a wall

Changing a room’s color can be a little scary. One way to do it and add architectural interest at the same time is to paint half of a wall. Tape off the top of the wall in a straight line. I like Frogtape to lessen paint leaking below the tape. Rub the tape down firmly in place or paint can seep beneath it. Then paint below the tape. After it dries, slowly pull off the tape. If you’re good with tools, take it up a notch and add chair rail molding along the paint line.

Also try painting just one wall in an accent color. You can go with bright paint tones with an accent wall or going with half a wall in color; doing a whole wall in one color might be too much.

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Meet Marsala, Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year

pantone 2015 marsala

Marsala’s color influence is seen in this bright and cheery bedroom decor.

Pantone, the color forecasting and choosing company, have picked “Marsala” as 2015’s color.

Color experts predict it will appear in clothing and home design trends this year. Pantone describes it as a “robust and earthy wine red.”

I see this as a welcome improvement over last year’s “radiant orchid” that was way too bright and far too feminine to be adopted into most interiors. Marsala is more adaptable to interior walls and home furnishings, with a wider appeal. You’ll see Marsala’s influence reflected in paint colors, makeup and the Spring 2015 ready-to-wear collections. I’ve already seen it used on Katie Perry’s hair.

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How to Glaze Your Walls: the Cure for Imperfect Plaster

glazing walls

If your plaster walls are in sorry shape and in need of fixing, don’t fear! An easy DIY fix that camouflages cracks and imperfections is to glaze them. Although you can glaze drywall, glazing loves plaster’s many imperfections, yielding a more interesting finish! There are a variety of techniques you can try, but the easiest is ragging. If you can wash a wall, you can glaze one.

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How to Choose White Paint

choosing white paint colors

In the visible light spectrum, white is all colors combined: the transmission of all wavelengths of light. That is why there’s so many color of white paint, and choosing which one for your walls can be daunting. Narrowing it down to its undertones will help. Continue Reading →

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