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The Lowdown on Low & No VOC Interior Paint

Low VOC interior wall paint claims to have low or even zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs). If you’re concerned about the environment and being “green” or healthy or paint that doesn’t smell for days after application, should you fork over the extra dollars for these paints?
choosing low or no voc paintDespite the claims, there are no paints without any VOCs, according to tests done by Consumer Reports. Continue Reading →

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Using Clothing as Artful Home Decor

clothes as home decort artUsing clothes as art in home decor adds instant personality to a room. Take that favorite outfit that is hidden out of sight in your closet and turn it into art! It’s easy and inexpensive. In the photo here, I took a vintage formal dress of my Mother’s and hung it from a mirror. I topped it with a two framed photos where she’s wearing the dress.

You can get creative in what you use as a hanger, bit it a painted hanger or branch. See our Pinterest board for other examples of clothes as art. It works well in bedrooms and children’s rooms.

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Fall Lantern Tabletop Decoration with Gourds

fall lantern with gourds tabletop decoration

This is about as simple as a fall tabletop decoration gets, yet it’s elegant as well. I took an IKEA lantern (or use any lantern you like) and filled it with gourds, surrounding the candle. I finished it off by tying a bit of straw on the handle. You could also use or add mini pumpkins, acorns and dried or silk leaves. The soft light of the candle illuminates the interesting shapes of fall’s nature, in this case the gnarled and colorful gourd.

Be sure and check out other fall decorations on our Fall Decorating Pinterest board!

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