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Goodbye to Pantone’s Emerald

It’s the time of year we put away the old. The people at Pantone, whose color forecasts determine everything from what colors you’ll be wearing to paint and home furnishings colors and new car tones, chose “Emerald” as its 2013 “Color of the Year.” Defined as lively, radiant, lush and elegant, Emerald was supposed to make us feel secure and in balance.


While I do like green (obvious from this blog’s color scheme) I don’t like this one. At least not in my home; too saturated. But if you did like it, you had no trouble finding it in objects to decorate your home. And if you incorporated it, this time of year there will be plenty of leftovers at cut-rate bargains. Because in 2014 a new color of the year will be introduced and Emerald will disappear. Stayed tuned on what colors the next year will bring…

Meanwhile, Auld Lang Syne, Emerald!

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Wall Arrangements Made Easy

Arranging your art and other items in a grouping on your walls can add a stunning focal point to any room or liven up a hallway. If you have objects that are different sizes and shapes, how to go about it can be challenging. In this post I’ll outline three basic types of eye-pleasing arrangements. You can take these concepts and add to it depending on how many elements you have.

wall grouping infographic

When you have different sizes of pictures and other odd-shaped items like the mirror pictured above, you can unite them to act as a single object by grouping them.

The human eye likes balance and a pleasing arrangement does not have to be perfectly symmetrical to achieve that. When you have different sizes of items, make the largest one the focal point and group the other objects around it. Your eye will go to the largest object first, which will draw you in, inviting a closer look at the smaller objects.

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